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Containerize Bioconductor and Shiny with DockeR

This serves as a base image to deploy a R Shiny application with Shiny-Server including some basic Bioconductor packages.

Whats the need?

Rocker-Project is already have a very nice rocker/shiny on Debian, But few dependency are missing while installing few R and Bioconductor packages.

Anyway this codingene/bioshiner made on top of rocker/shiny only and loosely follow the same principles.


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| image | Bioc-Version | R-Version | |——-|——|——| | codingene/bioshiner:3.10 | Bioconductor:3.10 | R:3.6.1 | | codingene/bioshiner:3.11 | Bioconductor:3.11 | R:4.0.0 |


Clone this repository containing test app

git clone

Run the app

docker run --rm -p 3838:3838 \
	-v ${PWD}/BioShineR/test/apps/biocmanager:/srv/shiny-server/ \
	-v /srv/shinylog/:/var/log/shiny-server/ \

Open the app in browser: http://localhost:3838/